100% Cashmere XL Woven Stole

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100% Cashmere XL Woven Stole
Elegant Soft Luxurious Pashmina 100% Cashmere Travel Wrap Shawl Stole - Extra Large Scarf for Winter

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100% pure cashmere extra large woven stole scarf with fringes for men and women. This pure cashmere scarf provides a soft & comfortable feel that'll make you want to wear it everywhere you go. This fine and soft Mongolian cashmere shawl takes advantage of the properties of our premium cashmere to deliver an unprecedented softness and comfort.

100% Cashmere

205CM X 62CM+2 X 7CM (Fringe) , beautiful cashmere stole made up of best quality cashmere to give you real warm feeling.

Certified 100% pure, warm, incredibly soft, smooth, and healthy cashmere shawl

Can be used in any way shawl or scarf to keep your neck and chest warm and healthy

Wash cold with maximum water temperature of 30°C. Hand wash or machine wash in laundry bag. Dry flat and do not tumble dry. Always fold for storage do not hang

Can be worn with any combination from shirts, sweaters, t-shirt, jeans, shorts or trousers. Fits for both long and short hair

Care Instruction

Dry Clean only

For best result fold cashmere, do not hang

Pilling: As a natural living fiber all cashmere pills, especially in high friction places. If it does not pill, it is not cashmere! To minimize pilling, wash in water and de pill with special cashmere brush and avoid excessive friction.